What is Woefmix?

The Gluten-free and grain-free baking mix for your dog!
Woefmix, is a gluten-free baking mix for baking your own dog biscuits. The Woefmix is made from pure and all natural ingredients. It contains no additives like coloring, flavors and fragrances. Herbs are added to the Woefmix which ensures and optimal body function of your pet.

Woefmix contains 250 gram. This is enough for about 20 biscuits.













What makes Woefmix so special?

Woefmix contains many ingredients that make the product very unique.

100% Glutenfree & Grainfree

Dogs don’t need to eat grains in there food. They are hard to digest fort hem. Woefmix gives your dog besides vitality, a very tasty experience. The vitality of the product gives you the time to enjoy eachothers company longer.

High Meat Percentage

A high meat percentage. Your dog is a real carnivore. This mix contains 27% of beef. Meat contains lots of proteins, vitamins and minerals which are good for the body and well-being of your dog.

With vegetables & fruits

Woefmix contains vegetables and fruits. Full of vitamins and antioxidants. Besides that it contains minerals like potassium and magnesium, which helps in maintaining strong bones.

With herbs

With added natural herbs that each have a function for the body. Herbs like nettle and dandelion. The herbs cleanse and revitalize the body of your pet. This ensures an optimal body balance

100% natural

The Woefmix is made of pure, natural ingredients. It contains no chemical additives.

Just add water

The only thing that you have to add is water. Than the mix is ready to be baked!


Where do they sell Woefmix?

Do you want to know where Woefmix is sold? Send us an email and we will tell you the closest store.













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